Preparing your home for photography

Professional photography is vital to a successful marketing campaign and preparing your home for photography is crucial. When a property is prepared properly for real estate photography, it sells faster and provides a greater return on your marketing investment. They say that ‘Less is more’ and when it comes to photographing your property they’re right. The following is a helpful checklist of how you can assist the process: Inside

  • De-clutter and remove any extra furniture and children’s toys to create space.
  • Clear kitchen benchtops and window sills from dishes, racks, chopping boards, sponges, soaps, plugs, cleaning equipment, tea towels, appliances, etc.
  • Remove all your fridge magnets and all other items off the fridge.
  • Remove excess books or magazines from tables.
  • Straighten chairs.
  • Fluff any cushions and pillows.
  • Remove towels, mats, scales, toilet brushes, spare toilet rolls and any other toiletries from the bathroom. Clean mirrors and shower screens.
  • Remove all waste paper baskets and bins throughout the home.
  • Stow the vacuum away along with brooms, mops, etc.
  • Make all beds immaculately and arrange pillows attractively.
  • Make sure sheets aren’t visible and doona covers hide under bedding.
  • Remove any visible items from beneath beds.
  • Conceal all electrical cables where possible.
  • Ensure all light globes are in working order and try to use the same type of globe eg. warm white/cool white
  • Clean windows particularly if there are views to capture. Chat to us as we have Karcher window cleaner that we are happy to loan you.
  • Hide shoes, jewellery, tissue boxes, laundry baskets, fans and heaters.
  • Open all window coverings, blinds, curtains and awnings.
  • Lock pets away if possible.
  • Finish all painting and touch-ups before the shoot.


  • Put your car in the garage or out on the street away from the property.
  • Move bins right out of view or wheel them to the front nature strip.
  • Mow the lawns and trim edges where possible.
  • Remove all mail from the letterbox.
  • Remove dead plants or pot plants.
  • Remove BBQ cover from the BBQ, spa lid from the spa and pool cover from the pool.
  • Hide any garden tools, hoses, empty pots, dead plants and pet beds/bowls.
  • Remove basketball rings, bikes, etc. from the driveway.
  • Take the washing off the line.
  • Make sure the pool is free of leaves & the pool vacuum is stowed away.
  • Rake or remove leaves from patios or outdoor entertaining areas.
  • Ensure all outdoor lighting is in working order.
  • Place cushions upon the outdoor setting seats if available.

Suggestions +  Add a vase of flowers, plant & fill the fruit bowl. + Third or fourth bedrooms, the laundry & inside the garage are rarely photographed, so use these areas to place all your unwanted items until after the photo-shoot. Before the Photographer Arrives…

  • Turn on ALL interior lights.
  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans.
  • Light fireplaces and candles or we can superimpose a fire.
  • Open all blinds, shades and curtains.
  • Clear all cars and vehicles from the driveway.

 Our in-house Property Marketing Specialist Jane Mogensen is our Marketing Specialist who ensures your property receives the best possible tailored marketing campaign from styling to photography and digital media. Jane is available on 0418 373 143 – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 8:30 am – 4 pm.

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