Garden tips from our resident horticulturalist

Presenting your garden at it’s best can be just as important as how your actual home presents and taking some time to improve how your garden is looking, or hiring a professional to do the job, could be a worthwhile investment to help your property achieve a premium result. Keeping lawns mowed and edges whipper snipped regularly throughout the sales campaign is important.

Fresh mulching is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your garden that will both freshen your garden beds as well as adding much needed nutrients. Contact your local tree removal contractor to put your name on the list for some free mulch. Or, if you have a lot of bush, hedge or shrub to clear – hiring a mulcher could be a win-win – both clearing an area as well as providing mulch to be utilised in your garden beds. An easy Saturday afternoons work can enhance your garden and the overall presentation of the home for photography, and property inspections, as well as assisting your gardens sustained soil health.

Spend time pruning bushes and trees, sweep away dead leaves and fallen branches, and tidy pathways and the driveway so the property presents at it’s optimum.

A splash of colour can enhance entrance ways and whilst low maintenance properties are popular with time-poor families, garden or water features, and potted plants can be a worthwhile alternative to more high maintenance gardens.

Seasonal potted colour is very appealing, herb pots are magnificent, and fresh vegies in boxes or a patch, work particularly well.

In thinking ahead for a future sale consider the following:


Plant spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and deadhead your roses.  Spread lawn fertiliser to green up your lawn, feed citrus trees with a mix of compost and manure. Think about weeds and poison them ahead of the warmer months and rake up the leaves for a nutritious tree mulch.


Winter is the time to prune roses, hydrangeas, and fruit trees.  Citrus is fruiting beautifully which will appeal to a buyer. It’s a good time for transplanting deciduous plants. Planting pansies, primulas, hellebores – the winter rose works well this time of the year. In late winter early spring use a good organic fertiliser for your garden beds to set them up well for the summer to come. Natives flowering in winter will can give your garden a beautiful hue.


Fertilise and keep an eye out for aphids and other pests and bugs – fungi become prevalent in spring and summer. Everything is flowering so your garden will be blooming and looking it’s best.


Early summer it’s important to mulch and planning your irrigation is also crucial.  Fertilise and set your garden up well for the warm days and nights to come. Keeping lawns green is important and a quality, timed sprinkler system can save you both time and money in presenting your property at its best through these warm months.  Our stunning native plants if well maintained will also enhance the presentation of your home throughout  these warmer months as well.

If you would like a more personalised assessment as to the best way to present your garden and property for sale, contact our team on 5974 8900.

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Garden tips from our resident horticulturalist