How to optimise your property before selling

When considering what needs to be done to prepare a property for sale, owners often just think a quick tidy up and they’re ready to go on the market, they don’t always consider the most effective ways to optimise the property for sale. Some owners look at their property through rose coloured glasses when preparing it for sale. A buyer on the other hand who is viewing your property for the first time, does notice any imperfections and instantly critiques it…for all the wrong reasons. Here are our top 9 tips to prepare your property for sale.

  1. When potential buyers arrive at your property their first impression could mean the difference between an offer or not. Ensure hedges are trimmed, garden beds weeded, minor repairs are fixed, and the driveway is clear from dirt or clutter. Light-coloured paints are ideal for homes being put for sale.
  2. Yes, your home is a showcase of your life and all the trinkets, photos, books and knickknacks mean the world to you, but you need to disassociate the property from you, to allow buyers to visualise themselves living in the space.
  3. Before inspections go through drawers and cupboards to cull and reorganise – good storage is usually on a buyer’s wish-list.
  4. You want buyers to leave your property imagining moving in straight away not making a mental list of all the things that require fixing.
  5. All furniture and items within the house should demonstrate how a space can work so remove excess furniture to maximise space and give every room a purpose.
  6. Kitchens and bathrooms really can sell a house, so pay close attention to these two areas. Remove as much as you can from benches and invest in new towels to make the space inviting.
  7. Before inspections your house should look immaculate. Check your beds are made perfectly, the throw on the lounge is just right, shoes in wardrobes are straight – little touches can make a difference to a buyer’s impression.
  8. Home staging is increasingly becoming an integral part of the sale process. Speak to your Agent about any further ideas to get your home ready for market – it could just be the difference between selling and sold!
  9. Before the inspection, do a final walk through and notice what catches your eye and remove any items so as not to distract your potential buyer. Consider the weather and if it’s hot, turn on the air-conditioning or fans and open the windows to let the breeze through. Conversely, a roaring gas log fire can be particularly inviting on a cold day.

Select the right agent who understands these important factors in preparing your home for a successful sale. The right agent who knows the market, has a proven track record and understands buyer behaviours. At Bonaccorde we use our well-honed skills, depth of experience and our local knowledge, to provide you with a full market analysis.  Once you have all this information it will allow you to optimise the results for your property.


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How to optimise your property before selling