Mt Martha born and bred


Have you always been in real estate? If no, what’s your background?

We owned a Bathroomware Importing and Retail Business for 9 years prior to me starting in Real Estate. 

Why real estate?

Having grown up in Mt Martha I’m a huge advocate for the lifestyle, which is why I’ve chosen to raise my family here. My girls went to Watson Rd Kinder and Mt Martha Primary School which I also attended – that always makes for a funny conversation piece. I started in Real Estate to help people – I love seeing the end result of vendors moving onto their next venture and purchasers moving in, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together is extremely rewarding. Combined with my local knowledge and connections, it’s been a perfect fit.

What does a typical day at work involve for you at Bonaccorde?

Always coffee from Milk Bar first!! Lots of phone calls and emails following up clients in the morning, appointments in the afternoon and photo’s in the evening if there’s a new listing coming!

What has been the most memorable achievement in your career to date?

Getting an amazing price for a property that was being sold to enable an older gentleman to buy into a great retirement home, he was so happy and thankful for the result and it was an absolute ‘feel good’ moment.

What are three things you couldn’t live without?

My two gorgeous girls and the Beach!

What are some of Peninsula’s best kept secrets?

I’d like to say the walk at Bushrangers Bay but it’s not so much of a secret anymore but still beautiful, as we as all the rockpools along the back beaches of the peninsula are amazing too. Also snorkelling at Birdrock Beach is pretty amazing in the right weather!

Do you have a secret talent? If so what is it?

Getting kids to sleep in!! My house has been known as the house of sleep!!

Your top 3 favourite shops for homewares/gifts?

Tingo, Adairs when it’s on Sale of course, and Zen.

What/Where was the last great meal you ate?

Point Leo Estate for a casual bite on the terrace and it was so delish, I had the terrine and it was to die for!

What is your dream destination and why?

The Maldives, snorkelling, blue lagoons, sun and actually relaxing is why.

Who was your first rock concert?

Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet (yes, I’m admitting to that!)

If the queen was coming for dinner what would you cook?

My thai mussels, so yummy and you have to eat with your hands – no gloves here HRH!

If you could have any 3 dinner party guests dead or alive, who would they be?

Anthony Bourdain to cook and tell stories, Jaimie from Outlander to look at, and Roxy Jacenko she is a marketing powerhouse and I’d want to pick her brain.

What do you love most about Bonaccorde…

Everything! But what sticks out most is the Team and the values!

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Mt Martha born and bred