A Lifetime of Experience...


Marlene’s in-depth knowledge of the business from admin to trust accounting, combined with her superb organisational skills, means that she is the real ‘go-to girl’ in our office. As such, Marlene is an integral part of the team and we value her immensely.

Have you always been in real estate? If no, what’s your background?

No real estate has come at the end of my working career. My first full time job was with the ANZ Bank in Broken Hill, and then a transfer to Adelaide.  All other roles have been admin roles, 5 years in PNG in the motor industry, 2 years in Fiji with British Aid (not sure why the Aussie’s did not want me), 3 years with CAMS (vroom vroom racing), 8 years in Sydney with an IT company and then Bonaccorde for 10 years now.  I believe I may have been a gypsy in a previous life.

Why real estate?

We purchased our home from Amanda and Bonaccorde and then the offer came to work for Bonaccorde which was too good to refuse and as they say “the rest is history”.

What does a typical day at work involve for you at Bonaccorde?

My day is varied but predominately it is admin driven whilst also assisting my colleagues whenever I can and also to assist any client that comes my way.

What has been the most memorable achievement in your career to date?

I am not sure if I have a memorable achievement that stands out, for me it is just doing the best that I can.

What are you looking forward to?

Although I have loved working here, I am at the end of my working life which means the beginning of fun and frivolity in the future.

What are three things you couldn’t live without?

My health, my friends and my garden.

Do you have a secret talent? If so what is it?

Now that would be telling!

Your top 3 favourite shops for homewares/gifts?

Surprise, surprise.  Although I am female, I am not a shopper.  Should I have the desire to shop it is always local, so the Village and then the rest of the Peninsula.

What/Where was the last great meal you ate?

Nothing beats Friday night in front of the open fire with my feet up and a seafood meal prepared by Jeff.  Princess material!

What is your dream destination and why?

Our dream destination will occur at the beginning of next year.  We are leaving the fine shores of Australia and having a gap year in Europe for twelve months with our base being in the South of France.  Jealous?  Well I am excited!

Who was your first rock concert?

Boz Scaggs in Adelaide a very long time ago.  Back then it did seem like a rock concert.

If the Queen was coming for dinner what would you cook?

Something humble, something fresh and local.  By now she must have tasted everything on offer.

If you could have any 3 dinner party guests dead or alive, who would they be?

Guy Pearce, David Bowie and Omar Sy.  In case you do not know who Omar Sy is, he is the actor in The Intouchables.  Do yourself a favour and watch the movie.

What do you love most about Bonaccorde…

I love the atmosphere, the people I work with, the people I meet and the diversity of my role.

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A Lifetime of Experience...