Stand out from the Crowd

More than ever in an increasingly competitive real estate market, it’s important that you give your property the best chance at standing out and being noticed by potential buyers.

As one the leading boutique real estate agencies on the Mornington Peninsula, Bonaccorde understands the role a fresh approach to property marketing plays in doing just this.

“More and more, a focus on lifestyle is becoming paramount when selling your property. We have learnt that an emotive approach to marketing is what draws buyers in,” says Jane Mogensen, the Marketing Specialist at Bonaccorde.

“Our focus is on creating and delivering strategic marketing campaigns to bring your property to life in the most appealing way. We strive towards a fully integrated marketing solution for every home that we market, with each marketing campaign crafted individually to deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

In an industry which is heavily focused on the selling agent, Director Amanda Haimona believes marketing is just as important. With a dedicated marketing specialist, Bonaccorde is recognised as a leader in property marketing, championing a fresh outlook on property that sells not only a home, but a lifestyle.

“We concentrate on two elements: engagement and emotion. Engagement is essential – as many people scroll through property websites, they see fronts of houses, front lawns, more fronts of houses… They need to be stopped in their tracks as they’re scrolling.” That’s why we focus on aesthetic. Our dedicated in-house Property Stylist attends all properties to prepare them for photography, to ensure we optimise your home’s greatest assets. Our Photoboard caption “Imagine living your dream” creates an emotive response and taps into the inner emotions of buyers to inspire engagement. The reality is, it’s a cluttered market out there and you want your property marketing to resonate with buyers to activate a response.

Bonaccorde Marketing Preparing your property Sales Selling Styling
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Stand out from the Crowd