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Have you always been in real estate?

I always knew what I wanted to do – Real Estate! I started at 15 years of age doing Saturday reception and school holiday work in a boutique office in the city. As soon as I completed Year 12, I started permanently and studied for my license at RMIT of a night. In my mid 20’s I had an eight-year stint in Senior-end Financial Recruitment, as I’d never really been able to have weekend’s off. Once again, I loved the matching process, but it was never the same as the thrill of property. I am just as passionate today!

Why real estate?

I love matching people to properties – real estate is so much more than just selling. Every day is different with new experiences and it’s never boring.

What does a typical day at Bonaccorde involve for you?

Firstly, catch ups with my awesome team, updating my vendors and buyers, property inspections, property research, marketing and learning, continually learning every day.

What has been the most memorable achievement in your career to date?

That’s a hard one – there are so many memorable moments. I still recall my first sale in Keilor Village – less than $200,000 – do I sound old now! Buying Bonaccorde was hugely special to me and our first nomination for REIV Small Residential Business Finalist was huge for the team and I, backed up with a win the following year – was unreal!

What are you looking forward to?

Continuing to work with the amazing group of people that are the “Bonaccorde Team”. We have a lot of exciting things planned together.

What are three things you couldn’t live without?

  1. My beautiful family including my incredible parents – they are hilarious. 2. My friends 3. Positive outlook and laughter.

What are some of Peninsula’s best kept secrets?

  1. Its PEOPLE! Having moved from the city in 2002, you really notice the difference. People have time for each other and there’s some incredible and talented people in Mount Martha. We live and work in a true community.
  2. The gorgeous fresh coastal air.
  3. The bright starry nights and of course all of the physical beauty that surrounds us.
  4. Oh, is it too cheeky to add the “Bonaccorde team” to this list??

Do you have a secret talent? If so what is it?

Embarrassingly I am double jointed in my thumbs – my party trick and about as good as it gets for me! Ahh yes, Hagan would tell you that I have my own special body surfing style that he nicknames “The Pumper!” It works for me – I think that he’s jealous!!

Your top 3 favourite ways to relax?

A great book + hammock + sunshine in my backyard, Sunset on Birdrock Beach with my kids and Georgi my Golden Retriever. Sounds crazy but I love walking through paddocks watching cows’ grazing – I love cows!

What/Where was the last great meal you ate?

Not so much the last great meal I ate, however my most memorable foodie day was this year on the 3rd July when I had breakfast in Mykonos, lunch in Paros and dinner at Naxos! What a day – I don’t think that it will ever get any better, but it will be a lot of fun trying to top it!

What is your dream destination and why?

I have plenty. I love Mitcheys Jetty in Fishpen, Merimbula – it is a very special location to me. I will always love Noosa – Hagan and I got married there. We have just returned from Italy and Greece and there’s so much more we now have added to our “Bucket List”. My best friends and I from school years are currently planning Africa for our 50th’s – not as far away as I would like that special number to be but the best thing is, I have lots more to jam pack in before I wake up there!

Who was your first rock concert?

Joan Armitrading with my Mum – how funny.

What do you best love to cook?

I love hosting theme nights – Moroccan, Thai & Greek banquets. I love all the planning, shopping at the markets and the fun conversation that surrounds the night, not to mention the matching wines!

If you could have any 3 dinner party guests dead or alive, who would they be?

Will I Am, Magda Szubanski, David Attenborough and John Lennon – woops that’s 4!

What do you love most about Bonaccorde…

Grrrr… I am sure that I am doubling up now. Hand on heart, I believe that I work alongside the best group of people on the planet – my team. I also feel unbelievably lucky to work in one of the most beautiful postcodes in the world. Water keeps me balanced (not just hydrated…) so my 2-minute drive to work is a fabulous start to the day. I am one very lucky person.

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A Day in the Life...